Nowadays visualization is an important part of many workshops or consultations. With the help of images we can focus on what’s truly important, simplify communication, increase interest, involve the participants emotionally and anchor the topics in the memory of our counterparts.

However, not everyone manages to create such drawings with ease and speed. Many fear the empty page or assume only people with creative talents are able to draw this way.

To encourage trainers, moderators, counselors and everyone who uses flip charts a lot to draw more, we offer the Dialogbild Sketchbook alongside our scribble training. In this book we compiled the most important instructions and tips and tricks on 52 pages.

In our book we demonstrate how you can turn your normal flip chart notes into eye catchers with the right writing, banners, text boxes and arrows. In the course of this we also touch upon how you can partition your flip chart space and create ease of understanding.

But a well designed flip chart isn’t everything – the true strength of drawings lies in the illustration of content. A lot of words on flip charts can be easily translated into drawings. The sketchbook equips you with the appropriate skills and visual vocabulary – you will learn how to draw symbols for recurring topics in simple easy steps.

It’s not always enough to use a symbol though: to depict interpersonal communications and emotions it is necessary to draw the human figure. With the help of the sketchbook we show you a way to draw simplified but highly versatile figures. You can make such figures unique in the next step by tailoring them to many different professions. Faces, emotions, body language and hands are further topics covered by the book.

And because we realized the significant advantage of images over text we won’t bore you with long winding texts in our sketchbook. The explanations for each image are short and simple and can be found right next to the images. As a result even after the first read through, the sketchbook is the ideal reference work that can’t be missing in any moderation kit.

Dialogbild Sketchbook: 52 pages, DIN A4, English