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Your dialog picture as a vector graphic
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Dialog picture FLAT 2.0 is the further development of flat design towards three-dimensionality. In flat design, the focus is on simple and clear structures that are represented in the form of vectors in individual color patches. Visual elements are designed in such a way that the user's focus is directed to the content. With the dialog picture FLAT 2. 0 we go one step further and create a stronger connection between the digital and real world. This style looks very puristic and minimalistic and is especially well suited to fill it with further information, texts and graphics to create a clear and descriptive infographics. Dialog picture FLAT 2.0 is the smart compromise between functionality, aesthetics and usability.


1. eye-catching
2. all topics at a glance
3. freely scalable because of vector graphics
4. analog & digital use
5. easy to animate


Digital Transformation

When defining and implementing the digital strategy, all companies face the classic challenges of change situations, especially because there is a lack of common understanding and the impact is very individual in each company and department. A success-critical factor is the right communication.

Strategy & Vision

The vision describes the long-term concept and strategy along the way of the company. The vision gives the employees orientation and creates identity. The strategy gives concrete action orders and provides the framework for decisions. A purely textual formulation of both in a corporate model carries the risk of misinterpretation and lack of understanding of the often very abstract and intangible goals.

Recruiting & Onboarding

Give new employees a comprehensive overview of your business and orientation for entry. In addition to the onboarding process itself, information on products and processes, careers and opportunities for further development can be easily transported by images.

Process Optimization

Lean structures create freedom, leaner processes a higher efficiency. Where can waste be avoided and added value increased? Identifying and implementing this improves the position of every company.