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The dialogue picture is utilized in the specialist area of cabin crew at German Lufthansa AG. Flight attendants are facing the challenges of short-haul (both domestic German and European air routes). What expectations of service do passengers have? What are the critical moments? What moves the passengers before and after their flight? Above all looms the strongly contested market and Lufthansa’s competition. Flight attendants are changing their perspectives, seeing the situation from the passenger’s viewpoint and reflecting on their roles on board.

An overview over the topic:


• Automated Check in
• Care facilities for wheelchair-bound passengers
• A businessman running on board at the last second
• Security check


• Water offered to a passenger who hurriedly boarded the plane
• Neat and professional staff greet the passengers
• Cluttered galley
• Traveller with a lot of hand luggage
• Full bins
• A woman with a dog
• A limousine for frequent flyers
• Special care service

Passenger safety demonstration:

• At check-in gummy bears provided for children who may cry
• A dog on a lap


• Napkin with a drink
• A teabag for fennel/green/chamomile tea in the rear galley stowed away, in order to be served more quickly when requested
• Eye contact/smile
• A guest with a lot of hand luggage
• 2 napkins (for a drink and for a chocolate)
• Birthday: sparkling wine

Disembarking procedure:

• an always neat and professional flight attendant
• Eye contact
• individual farewells
• time pressure of cleaning, catering and refueling vehicles

Ursula Schulze
Group Leader Training and Development Cabin Frankfurt, Deutsche Lufthansa AG

"The dialogue picture allows us to communicate with the crews about the different scenes. The crews find themselves in the scenes again and it is easier to go into the reflection. Viewing and recognizing scenes is the base for a common understanding. In addition, stories from your own daily life on board."


A positive boarding

A flight attendant receives a rushed businessman with a water and maintains eye contact.

A negative boarding

The flight attendant brings the pilot a coffee. Another leans in the dirty galley reading a magazine.

A positive disembarking

A flight attendant bids farewell to the passengers using the local customs and ways.

A negative disembarking

A flight attendant ignores the passengers, instead checking their text messages. Their jackets are already in their hands.