Dialog Picture


The dialog picture visualizes complex themes on a descriptive and comprehensible field. They are an effective instrument for sharing information, explaining relationships and providing orientation. Usually the dialog picture is laid out on a table and measures 2x1 meters. Here it serves as the basis for discussion in a dialog workshop. A moderator, for example one of the management team, guides his team through the picture discussing the various themes shown.

Dialog pictures support many types of situations where communication is necessary: training, seminars, presentations and workshops. The 2x1 meter picture is spread out on a table where the participants can familiarize themselves with it, becoming acquainted with the scenario(s) contained within. A moderator then leads a discussion based on a prepared guideline about the picture and the story it conveys, posing questions to the participants as they move through it as well motivating them to bring their own experiences to it. Take for example the topic of economy. The moderator says "Imagine you sit on the board of directors and are tasked with coming up with three measures to reduce material costs."



No matter how big the project or the organization, a dialog picture light can visualize every complex topic, so that it can be understood. Dialog picture light is a fast and simple solution created as a simple sketch with light coloring.

The development is streamlined and is accomplished through a workshop or per e-mail and teleconferencing. So we can realize the result quickly and at low-cost. The dialog picture light is perfect for small budgets or as an introduction of the Dialogbild method to firms. Because of the simple style, it is an excellent basis for topics that are still being discussed.

Imagine yourself presenting your results to the board with a big sketch. With a dialog picture light you do this in an effective and impressive way, as no typical chronological presentation could ever achieve.


Our own Dialogbild


As we create visualizations to explain topics and issues, we felt it necessary to create a picture that explains the method itself. The result is the Dialogbild dialog picture. During an initial get acquainted talk, we will provide an introduction to the method of the dialog picture with the Dialogbild dialog picture. It shows a typical company in two different conditions. On the left side of the picture the current situation is shown: the challenges that the company is facing and must overcome. On the right side the desired situation: where the firm wants to be. Separating these two versions is a chasm. We show the client how, with the right communication methods, they can move across the bridge to reach the goal.


Briefing, Concept, Realization, Roll-Out

At a Glace

For the creation of a dialog picture a team of experts is brought together, which depending on the needs of the company, consists of representatives from different specialist areas and also a consultant from your agency. Together we create the structure of the picture, its contents and symbols along with whatever tools are needed (e.g. the guidance manual).

1. You contact us.
2. We are briefed.
3. We gather data.
4. We fill in the selected scenario with details, seeking to bring together the various ideas of the managers.
5. We complete the detailed illustration.
6. The Roll-Out can begin.