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Buzz words such as skilled worker shortage, generation Y, and globalisation mirror the current „war for talent“. Therefore, companies are investing their time, money and innovative strength to stay attractive for present and potential employees. As an action for strengthening its employer branding, Kärcher initiated a project called „attractive employer“. To communicate and record the project progression, Kärcher uses a dialogue film.

The goal of the Dialog Movie

The project „attractive employer“ encompasses a variety of topics within Human Resources, such as the structure of job functions, compensation systems, career paths and working hours, which have been newly approached and adapted towards the corporate needs. This diversity of topics form the projects as a complex challenge with many interfaces und automatically calls for many participants within the project implementation.

The dialogue film builds a useful method to represent this complexity. Kärcher and DIALOGBILD cooperatively developed a visual documentation of the project happening, to update and make subordinate structures and decisions more transparent and comprehensible for the employees, Working Council and the management.

Within the entire dialogue film a time line is used to make time references and causal coherences available. Complex content is explained by sound tracks and coincidently linked to comprehensive and catchy images.

The film is randomly upgradable and allows to adapt to the most up to date project happenings. Additionally, the dialogue film offers to individualize messages and scences for different events and or target groups.

Florian Feichtenbeiner
Corporate Human Resources HR Controlling, Strategy & Guidelines, Compensation & Benefits

“The dialogue film provides us a great opportunity to present complex facts and context transparently and comprehensibly about our project „attractive employer“. The combination of images, sound tracks and sound effects eases the project communication and is so far well received by the target audience. By the use of the dialogue method we, at Kärcher, ensure that all involved parties, project participants, manager and employees are on the same information level and pursue the same direction."


Key points within the employee survery, in which the employees identified the need for improvement have been incorporated in the project.

Internal project communication: the Working Council and the Human Resource department have explicitly informed all employees about the project „attractive employees“, its goals and achievements so far.