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Short introduction of your company
KNIPEX is the world's leading manufacturer of pliers for trade and industry. Founded in Wuppertal-Cronenberg in 1882, we are a family business in the fourth generation. We develop and manufacture pliers in around 800 variants that enable demanding users to work effectively, easily and safely. With modern technology and a vertical integration of almost 100 percent, we produce more than 40,000 pliers every day. Our worldwide distribution system enables us to reach customers in more than 100 countries. High performance, constant innovation and improvement as well as orientation towards human values ​​are the basis of our actions. KNIPEX employs more than 1,000 people at the Wuppertal site, and the KNIPEX Group with all its subsidiaries employs a total of 1,600 people.

What the projects objective?
The objective of the project was the relaunch of our mission statement, which we developed in 2010. The content update provided the opportunity to re-communicate the mission statement with its background, content and objectives and to get all staff members on board once again.

What was the objective of the picture?
The picture was for us the "driving force" of the communication process. We wanted to reach our employees at all levels. The aim was for all employees to discuss the picture in the context of workshops and thus get a better understanding for the contents. The slideshow complemented the picture acoustically and visually - like a kind of "resolution".

What advantages does the visual communication offer you?
A visual communication creates a memory anchor and also language barriers can be overcome. In addition, discussions lead to new access to content and different employee groups talk about the content of the mission statement on the basis of their daily work. In this way, it helped us that our mission statement was perceived as "more tangible" and more understandable.

How did you perceive the cooperation with Dialogbild?
The cooperation has been consistently positive and the result meets our expectations and fits us very well. We felt well understood and well advised.

Do you have a favorite scene?
Even though we are the world's leading manufacturer of pliers today, we have not forgotten where we came from. Therefore, I like the anchorage of tradition and the importance of a family business a lot. (Torch handover in the 5th generation on the left edge of the picture).

What was the feedback from employees and colleagues in the roll-out?
We evaluated the whole communication process of the mission relaunch by means of a survey and 75 percent of the employees stated that they found the image helpful in order to internalize the contents of the mission statement. The feedback on the picture was basically very positive.



Sonja Clemens
Consultant HR Development & Marketing

"As part of the relaunch of our mission statement, we have counted this time on a visual communication using the dialogue picture. In workshops, we let our employees discover the mission statement themselves. The visualization and the supplementary film were very helpful for the implementation of the contents in the departments and in the identification with the updated contents of the mission statement. It was very exciting for us to see how our mission statement text became a "living" image. We were impressed by how easy it is to internalize content this way. It certainly will not be our last visualization. "

The slideshow accompanying the dialog picture