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Siemens is a leading technology company with a focus on the fields of industry, infrastructure, mobility and healthcare. The company has 125 locations in Germany and is represented in 190 countries.

The way we work at Siemens is constantly changing and digitalization is an important driver of competitiveness. To visualize this, Siemens decided to create a dialog picture.  For this, a very heterogeneous team from different functions, locations and levels came together to develop the content for the picture.

Which technologies, such as blockchain technology, will play a major role or how quality or logistics can be improved at the sites. Important aspects such as technology, data processing and security were also covered in detail.

The picture is intended to stimulate a dialog in the company about the digital future.


Tillmann Kloppe
Head of Business Excellence & Quality Management – Manager Digitization, Siemens Mobility GmbH  

What was the objective of the image?
The image should support the (internal) digital transformation throughout the company and visualize the relevant topics and make them tangible. The joint (cross-functional and cross-hierarchical) development of the image is also important.

What is the target group for the medium?
All employees of the company (from workers to top management) should be able to find themselves in the image.

What are the advantages of visual communication?
You can show connections well. Scenes are memorable and can be used in a variety of ways in everyday business.

How did you perceive the cooperation with DIALOGBILD?
It was a very pragmatic, constructive and solution-oriented collaboration.

How did the image development proceed?
In a small circle, an image landscape was developed and the rough objectives were agreed with the management (client). Then, in a 2-day workshop, the content and the scenes were developed with the support of DIALOGBILD. It was a team of about 25 employees from different areas of the company.

Was there a key experience during the development of the image?
It was good to share the different perspectives on a topic. This became particularly clear during the final scene discussion and there were some aha experiences.

Do you have a favorite scene?
Yes, the office worker of the near future. Many aspects are shown (use of AI, data glasses, AR / VR work with data from the cloud, etc.) that stimulate a lot of discussion in the workshops.

How is the feedback from employees and colleagues in the roll-out?
Good, however, the spark is usually only in the workshops. Presenting the picture is not so easy.

Is there a follow-up project and/or can you recommend DIALOGBILD?
There was already a follow-up project with our Metro team in Vienna. Yes, I can definitely recommend DIALOGBILD.


Highly complex components and subsystems are developed with the help of digital technologies. Important devices and components are connected to the Internet. This means that even the "wedding" can be planned precisely.

Passenger needs are understood and met through connectivity. In this way, a better passenger experience is achieved.

Digital transformation involves many aspects such as new tools, digital processes and data analysis. Therefore, new skills are needed for all employees.

The digital way of working still puts the human user at the center. Artificial intelligence supports doing the right things right. PowerPoint reports are no longer needed.