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The dialogue picture „Drive Your Career “is used at welcome meetings for new employees. With the help of the dialogue picture their path through the company is explained. Different career options and further education possibilities are available.


As guidelines of the enterprise BASICS has conveyed the vision, the values and the image of the company since 1989. At the same time the BASICS serves as the embodiment of the future of the organization. From the very beginning the guidelines required everyone to respect the national origin of each worker as well as national characteristics, to obey rules and legal regulations, and to include environmental protection in all business processes. Four years later this last point was extended in the BASICS with the express obligation of all staff for „the protection of the environment “. The BASICS is not to be understood as an inflexible code set in stone, but rather it is to be continuously developed further and lived company-wide. From the originally eight so-called „Commitments “ 17 guiding principles arose , by which all employees orient themselves.

New divisions and branches are made familiar with the BASICS during the integration phase. „BASICS live“ an instrument for assessing and steering the corporate culture is available. The goal is it to be able to evaluate the implementation of the BASICS throughout the organization and encourage all employees to continuously strive to achieve the aims of the guiding principles. Since 2003 the enterprise has distinguished itself with „the BASICS Award “especially for the remarkable realization of the company guidelines. The BASICS singles out individual Continental locations or persons employed by the enterprise on the basis of adherence to a philosophy of sustainability and building a global foundation of the numerous and multi-layered activities of the company.

Matthias Metzger
HR Manager R&D/Tire Supply Continental AG

"We successfully use the Continental Dialogue Picture in induction meetings for new employees, which take place 10 times annually (approximately 70 participants in each case). The dialogue picture offers a creative and unique possibility of presenting difficult to grasp personnel topics simply and understandably.  Also in the international arena the dialogue picture performs well. Colleagues from Costa Rica have likewise already used the method and had good experience with it."


BASICS Award for innovation and individual responsibility

Since 2003 Continental has given out the BASICS Award. Employees or teams who stand out through exemplary initiative and extraordinary motivation to achieve the goals of the company’s guidelines are recognized for their work. The awards are given out annually.

CROSS move talent initiatives

Job rotation for skilled workers for the development of broad and solid experience leading to a later assumption of executive functions on different levels.


With the 360°-Feedback-Process „Big SIX radar “ high-level personnel are given the possibility every three years - alternating with „Basics live “- of receiving an assessment of their abilities and behavior.

In doing so, colleagues, internal customers and superiors can provide feedback to the employee according to Continental’s success factors in the personnel development.