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The Hahn Group is one of the largest automobile trading companies in Germany. With around 2,000 employees and 35 plants of the Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Audi, Porsche, Skoda and Seat brands in the Stuttgart metropolitan region, Hahn has enjoyed a strong market position for 100 years and is a reliable partner for customers, employees and business partners.
The automotive industry is undergoing the greatest upheaval in its history. The Hahn family of entrepreneurs has always implemented innovative ideas and broken new ground, making the company an extremely successful enterprise. In 2018, the management developed a long-term strategy that, in addition to economic factors, also includes topics such as digitisation and new business models. The great challenge that drew our attention to DIALOGBILD was to make this 150-page paper understandable to all employees in a simple form. 

We were immediately convinced by the idea of using a picture to display content with stored click points for explanations. The result is an exciting work that encourages employees to take a closer look at the individual strategy points. The picture is particularly suitable for use in lectures and presentations, since individual topics can be selected without losing sight of the overall strategy.
The employees reacted enthusiastically to the presentation of the strategy during our series of lectures in all plants on the occasion of the start of the year 2019. The constantly changing scenes have made it possible to maintain the attention and interest of the employees over a long period of time.
Steffen Hahn
Managing Partner of the Hahn Group

"The cooperation with DIALOGBILD was very pleasant and based on partnership. In a full-day workshop, the strategy was perfectly implemented in individual scenes together with the team from DIALOGBILD. It was fascinating to see how a whole picture was created from individual themes that combined our strategy like a puzzle into a unit. It would be hard for me to name a favorite scene. The strategic picture of the Hahn Group convinces me in its entirety. At any time we would again have our strategy presented with the support of DIALOGBILD."


New business areas
New sales formats for new cars

The automotive industry and our industry in particular, is in a state of upheaval. This will result in potential new business areas that we want to occupy with our outstanding infrastructure. We are open to new ideas and want to expand our current activities sensibly and sustainably in order to create additional sources of income for the company. With "" we have made a start.

Today's customer places different demands on us than in the past. Today's digitalization provides us with technical possibilities that can significantly change the sales process for new cars and make it more efficient. "Time saving" and "flexibility" are the big headlines that stand above many optimization measures. With current formats, such as "CityStores" or "Pop-Up Stores", we will break new ground and get closer to people. The use of digital media such as Virtual Reallity (VR) also offers new possibilities.

Processes determine the work of all areas and departments. By improving our processes, we make our work easier and can make better use of potential and resources. Each individual employee can participate in the optimization of processes. The process management of the Hahn Group provides the tool to check, change and permanently improve processes. A significant increase in profitability is the positive result of optimized processes.

In times of digitalization, the demands placed on a manager are changing. "Digital Leadership" is the modern form of leadership. Regular and transparent communication is an important part of this. As well as agility (adaptability), participation (e.g. teamwork) and networking. Opportunities of technical development are included in the daily management routine - for a direct and fast exchange of information.