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Dialogbild developed a picture for IGZ that provides an overview of the various research areas and projects. The Dialog Picture Lite was created during two workshops with finalization afterwards.

IGZ uses the picture to introduce the work of the institute to visiting groups and other interested parties in a simple and uncomplicated way. Especially it is used with people who are unfamiliar with issues and technologies involved in ornamental crop research.

Prof. Eckhard George
Director of Science at IGZ

„With the dialog picture our interdisciplinary institute can more quickly and effectively introduce its work to visitors who have not much time. Our institute is exciting due to the fact that various modes of thought, approaches and perspectives are brought together. IGZ is a worldwide leading institute for ornamental crop science, a position that has been achieved through our open and participatory way of working. Therefore, the picture is an attractive and stimulating offer for our visitors and guests. The cooperation with Dialogbild during the development was very instructive and fruitful."