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The drinking water supply company GELSENWASSER with more than 1,400 employees has put together a package of measures to increase the quality and quantity of the structured performance reviews. The central instrument here is a dialogue picture light, which represents the added value and should motivate both employees and executives alike to implement the structured performance review and to see it as an opportunity.

Eva-Maria Kötter
Human resource development

„The implementation of „structured performance reviews“ is an essential key to successful and wholesome human resource management, development and goal-oriented work at Gelsenwasser.They are a central instrument when it comes to agreeing upon human resource development measures. The development of a dialog picture was one of many measures, with which we aimed to increase the quality of our performance reviews at Gelsenwasser.

In the light of this our managers asked for a tool which would create acceptance for the performance review and support it`s content.

Thus we developed a „blue-green“ dialog picture during a workshop together with managers and employees. It clearly captures core elements of the performance review while simultaneously offering the opportunity to discover new details about Gelsenwasser and the performance review.

With the help of the dialog picture the managers and employees find easier access to the performance review and contextual orientation. They can rediscover the performance review together, recognize and perceive themselves as a part of the big picture. On the side, some might even overcome barriers and reservations regarding the performance review are swept away.“