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We are on „Mountain 2010.” We live the values of LHT. LHT values continue to exist into the future. The dialogue picture method was already in use in 2006 – in the form of an enormous boat. Also at that time the “LOS! Beaver” was on board – “LOS!” was above all the main theme regarding production. What does the future hold? Which lean principles and methods will lead up to the summit of Mount Industry Leadership in 2014?

Thomas Grosse
Project Engineer Lufthansa Technik AG Aircraft Engineering, FRA WE 1

„Lufthansa Technik employs lean principles to achieve their strategic goals. The dialogue picture provides communication of the upcoming changes and dialogue with employees. In the dialogue picture, the current market environment is shown which contains the strategic goals as well as the elements of the LHT Lean Program.“

A dialogue picture was already being used in 2006 to communicate the corporate vision. The overriding concept was of a large ship that slowly but forcibly navigated its way through the market. “We are all sitting in the same boat” – the symbol shows how closely the individual ranges are interconnected and how a smooth operational process depended on sufficient communication and cooperation.

In the sequel "LOS! 2010 ", the ship has reached its milestone goal. It cast anchor on the coast. Now it's time to climb the Mount Industry Leadership. But which way is the most successful?