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For an innovative and sustainable crew training on the subject of „Service at Lufthansa“ DIALOGBILD developed an interactive E-learning-tool. In order to stimulate all sensory channels, learning contents has been embedded in a virtual journey through the different customer classes using text, audio and video material. The interactive dialogue picture focuses daily situations between passengers and flight attendants and is used for training and developemt purposes.

Elke Wagenpfeil
Manager Cabin Training Standards Deutsche Lufthansa AG

„As a host on board our cabin crew is the face to the customer and is crucial for their satisfaction with our services. Therefore, innovative learning and reflection methods are highly important for our crew members. The flight attentants have been previously trained with a different dialogue picture to reflect their personal awareness for service and specific actions on board. „Surprisingly different“ and „very inspiring“ have been comments we often heard from the participants. This year, we will once again go on a virtual journey along our services on board with even more illustrated scenes and an interactive version with a variety of inspring media behind the scences.“