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Remelting and casting, rolling and slitting: With its 2,200 employees Aluminium Norf is the biggest aluminium rolling and casting facility in the world. This extraordinary working environment presents the most diverse challenges for employees and managers: The processing of the hot 32-ton aluminium ingots not only demands perfect precision and team work, but also exact know-how of all the different machines, processes and of course safety regulations. Furthermore environmental standards, quality and customer requirements and the company′s own values play an important role in the daily working routine.

All the topics above are part of the Aluminium Norf Guiding Principles, which were visualized by the Dialog Picture Method. The final visualization provides employees and managers with a bird′s-eye view on all the issues along the entire value chain: starting with the delivery of raw materials and factory supplies at the bottom left of the picture, followed by the production process in the center, the Dialog Picture tells the entire story up to the happy customer in the top right receiving perfect products in-time.

A specific highlight of this project are the lovely details displayed in the entire picture. Hidden piggy banks, for example, symbolize oppurtunities for cost reduction through recycling. Moreover, realistic illustrations of vehicles, workwear and products guarantee a strong identification by the workforce, creating curiosity and motivation to understand the company′s Guiding Princinples and bring them to life in the daily work.

Udo Böhmer
Head of HR

„Regarding the development of our Guiding Princinples, it was important for us to foster a dialog on a level of mutual respect with our employees. Therefore the Dialog Picture Method was the perfect approach for us. Over several workshops we discussed the versatile range of topics with a very diverse project team, while our partners from DIALOGBILD were simultaneously drawing first sketches for the final picture. For us it was fascinating to watch, how abstract ideas became tangible examples within the blink of an eye. We are proudly looking back on a successful, professional conclusion and an especially motivating project for all stakeholders.“


Knowledge Transfer

We share our know-how with our colleagues. We trust our employees and delegate responsibility to foster self-reliant behaviour.

Safety at Work

Safety at work and the preservation of our employee′s well-being are company goals of crucial importance and superior to economic success. We learn safety regulations from one another in order to prevent accidents.

Error Culture

We speak openly about mistakes and problems and support each other with solutions.


We ensure comprehensive and systematic education and training.