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Aperam is a global stainless steel, electrical steel and special steel company with customers in over 40 countries. In addition to its industrial network, which is spread across six production sites in Brazil, Belgium and France, Aperam has a highly integrated distribution, processing and service network, as well as the unique ability to produce stainless steels and special steels from low-cost biomass. Aperam employs around 9,600 people worldwide and is headquartered in Luxembourg.

Aperam takes the fight against the corona virus very seriously. In all Aperam offices around the world, numerous measures have been taken to protect all the people who work at the various locations. Despite these measures, there is always a risk of contamination outside the plants. That is why it is important that every employee applies the basic hygiene rules for coronavirus prevention outside of work, in his or her private life.

Sometimes it is difficult to make children understand and aware of the precautions. In order to support Aperam employees in this task, Aperam has prepared a range of tools specifically for families, with the aim of making the basic concepts of disease prevention easier to understand through simple and playful presentation. Part of it is this comic, which has been developed in two versions: one colored and one black-and-white, with the aim of giving children the opportunity to combine learning these rules with the joy of colouring the comic. The story was translated into 10 languages and distributed worldwide.

Marie-Claire Schumann
Global Health & Safety Training & Culture Coordinator

"The collaboration with the DIALOGBILD team went wonderfully. The ideas were discussed over the phone and shortly there after these drawings were created, which corresponded exactly to our ideas! Everything went smoothly and quickly. The characters in the comic are very sympathetic. I always have a smile on my lips when I see this little guy who likes to touch his face with his washed hands."