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Symrise AG is a global supplier of fragrances and flavors, cosmetic base and active ingredients, functional ingredients, and product solutions for improved sensory and nutritional properties. Symrise ranks third in the global fragrance and flavor market with a share of approximately 12 percent and employs more than 10 thousand people worldwide.  Symrise is a reliable business partner and guarantees high product quality. In the supply chain, quality awareness, know-how and creativity mesh perfectly.

Reinhard Mühe
Director Corporate Communications – Online Media · Digital Communications

"For our new corridor areas at our new location in Moscow, we were looking for graphics that on the one hand depicted our daily business, but at the same time were informative and entertaining. We came up with the idea of depicting the supply chain of three of our most important raw materials: Vanilla, Lemon, Onion.
Each of the three hallway graphics stretches along a wall 10 meters wide on three different floors and tells the story of the journey of the respective raw material, from the field to the finished product.
This supply chain is intended to show every employee how many stations our successful products pass through and to sensitize them to the fact that we act with the utmost attention at all interfaces. This is the only way we can ensure that the end result is a high-quality product.
It also gives our customers a nice and informative insight into our supply chains."