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Together with the Flint Group we have developed a dialogue picture Light in the Simple style. It is easy and elementary drawn, but brings all the important information to a point. After completion, we conducted an interview with the company:

Göktürk Simsekol
ARIBA Program Manager

What was the reason and purpose of this dialog picture project?
We engaged DIALOGBILD to help us visualize the change story of global procurement transformation journey. The key enabler of the transformation is SAP Ariba and the project of it's global implementation.

What was the target group?
The targeted audience were the local operations, who are acting as local buyers and are the users of the application, as well as senior management to ensure we share the vision.

Why did you choose the dialog picture medium?
Our target groups are diverse culturally and geographically, so the picture form helps to bridge the language and cultural gap.

What are the advantages of visual communication for you?
The picture form improves understanding of the complex ideas. With the high level visualization of the concepts, it helps people to more easily digest the complicated ideas and improve their buy-in.

What was the special demand of your project?
We wanted to have the transformation journey from the past to the future shown in a graphical way, clearly showing the stages, the participants involved and their interactions in the process.

How did you experience the cooperation with DIALOGBILD?
The cooperation with DIALOGBILD was very professional and efficient. The team worked really fast on developing our ideas, gave a lot of creative guidance and reacted fast on all the changes we asked for in the development phase. They have shown good understanding of our needs.

Do you have a favorite scene that you would like to describe?
My favorite scene is really simple but effective. We wanted to show how easy it is to use the application, so DIALOGBILD developed a scene where a character is holding a baby using the app. It's a fun an effective way of saying: "This app is so eay to use a baby can do it".

What was the reaction and feedback of your colleagues and customers looking at the picture?
The reaction was always positive. During the presentation workshop participants were nodding heads with understanding. Especially where the language barrier was hard to overcome, the visual aid came in very handy to convey the ideas.

Would you recommend working with Dialogbild?


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