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Symrise AG is a global supplier of fragrances and flavors, basic and active ingredients, functional ingredients and product solutions for improved sensor technology and nutrition. With a share of approximately 12 percent, Symrise ranks third in the global market for fragrances and aromas and employs more than 10 thousand employees worldwide. Symrise is a reliable business partner and guarantees a high product quality. In the supply chain, quality consciousness, know-how and creativity perfectly interlock.

In order for these messages to be perceived consistently by employees, customers and partners, we developed a dialog picture according to the motto "see and understand". The following three core areas and their vision were taken into account:

• "We want to know all producers who supply us with raw materials."

• "We are developing innovative products with unique properties."

• "We live responsibly, rely on the highest quality and sustainable processes to help provide consumers with products that meet their needs."

Reinhard Mühe
Head of Online Media Symrise AG

"As a global supplier of fragrances and flavors as well as cosmetics and active ingredients, our business is very complex and diverse. In this context, responsibility and credibility play a central role in the core business of our company. It is not always easy to explain to an outsider in a few words what our value chain is like. Dialog pictures are excellent for illustrating such processes. The easier the picture, the better. The picture, in combination with the spoken word and a text to read together, intensifies the understanding of the viewer. At first we had only developed the dialog picture. We wanted to quickly and simply show the viewer how a supply chain by us looks. In a second step, we then developed a slideshow from the picture. Here the individual stages are additionally explained with one or two sentences. We use the dialog picture as well as the slideshow in presentations, on diagrams and on information terminals. This makes it easy to describe the stations in our supply chain."