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SGL Carbon is a technology-based and world leader in the development and manufacture of carbon-based solutions. Their high-quality materials and products made from specialty graphite and composite materials are used in future-oriented industrial sectors: automotive, aerospace, semiconductor technology, solar and wind energy, LEDs as well as in the production of lithium-ion batteries and other energy storage systems. In addition, we develop solutions for the chemical and industrial applications.

Materials, products and solutions from SGL Carbon are integrated into the major topics of the future: sustainable mobility, new energies and cross-industry digitization. Advances in these areas require smarter, interconnected, more efficient and sustainable solutions. This is where the entrepreneurial vision of SGL Carbon comes in: making a contribution to a smarter world.

Thomas Lagler
Head of Operations Excellence GMS

"With the development and introduction of our own, Group-wide uniform production system, the so-called operation management system, we took the next logical step at SGL Carbon, which also networks our two business units. As a global company, we must rely on standards to produce the same quality in each country and make it available to our customers. Our OMS consists of six elements and 26 principles, which we have displayed together with Dialogbild in our logo. This makes the distribution and explanation of the system easier worldwide. We are in direct dialogue with our employees and have received very positive feedback so far. "


The key figure pyramid

The key figure pyramid contains all key figures of a plant and shows their connection across all areas and hierarchy levels. Work Package Management (WP Work Package) handles work packages from the factory development plan or major topics from shop floor management as well as extensive ideas for improvement.

The Gemba Walk

The Gemba Walk (on the scene) is a daily routine in production. He should show the performance of the respective area and bring about a quick decision on the spot in case of problems. The focal point here is the shop floor board as well as the shift transfer.

The tool shelf

Our sixth element is to represent a tool case or a tool shelf, from which one can take out the necessary "tools" for process improvement. The design is based on the classic Toyota production system: process clocking, methods of continuous improvement, flowing and pulling production and avoidance of waste are the central overarching concepts.