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LOS! 2006
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Airplane maintenance at Lufthansa Technik always continues to strive for reaching its goal of ensuring the highest possible safety of the aircraft and of offering high quality and at the same time cost-effective maintenance. “LOS makes a fundamental contribution to achieving these goals!” The dialogue picture takes employees from various departments on a journey through this process. The overriding concept of the picture was that of a large ship that slowly but powerfully navigates its way through the market (represented by the open sea) while exposed to various factors shown as different weather conditions. The maintenance work in Frankfurt is carried out to a large extent directly at the Fraport, the workers performing their duties the same way in all weather conditions. “We all sit in the same boat.” – a symbol which shows how closely connected all departments are and how dependent a smooth operational process is on sufficient communication and agreement among all involved staff.

One goal of “LOS!” is to improve and at the same time facilitate the processes. The special thing about “LOS!” is that workers can actively participate in the design of the optimization with their own ideas and suggestions for improvement. “LOS!” treats simple themes exactly the same as comprehensive processes in aircraft maintenance. Here in the first step non-value-adding activities are identified and in the second step eliminated from the work process. Through this optimization process, employees gain more time to concentrate on their actual work on the aircraft.

Gernot Waha
Head of Communications & Public Relations, Airplane Maintenance Lufthansa Technik AG

"The creation of our dialogue picture, which began with the goal of explaining the method of “LOS!”, showed us just how complex our working environment truly is – and how well everything fits into the big picture if one just makes an effort. Once the initial shyness of the participants is overcome, the change in perspective soon leads to fruitful and productive discussions."



Global appreciation of each and every customer. All trade professions including engineering are partners.

Quality standards

Continuous internal exchange of experience. Additional Findings: Airplane comes in with a fault (surprises hide under the band-aid)

Interdependency of the departments

The connections between the trade professions as regards the LHT ranges (MEC Tire Repair Service). In each case the duration is considerably affected by the weakest member.

Product Differentiation

Delivery service plays a large role: Different types of requests have various time limits between the request and the dispatch (varying from immediately up to a 48 hour time slot). Product differentiation is extremely important: if an AOG case (aircraft on ground) occurs, it must be dealt with quickly – often at great expense.