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AL-KO Therm provides for a perfect climate with individualized, economic and ecological concepts. The enterprise is a specialist in ventilation equipment which is characterized by the latest technology, quality, reliability and consistently meeting customer requirements. It has developed sophisticated high tech facilities with the best room air quality in office buildings or hospitals and precisely controlled air in production facilities as well as for effective solutions for large commercial or leisure complexes. The most attention is given to the development of energy-economical technology for environmental discharge and cost reduction. In order to support the strategic transformation and the relationship between a growing self-image and the corporate philosophy, we developed a mission statement together with inGenics AG.

The definition of a mission statement:

1. Mission statements are understood as "Pictures of an attainable and desirable future."

2. A mission statement contains the clearly structured long-term goals of an enterprise as well as the strategies with which these goals will be achieved.

3. The mission statement sets out in written form the guidelines which lead to the enterprise’s success in written form.

4. The mission statement contains all relevant statements concerning the desired corporate culture (contact, appearance, behavior).

5. The mission statement will be made known to all management as well as staff and also other partners.

6. From the mission statement strategic goals are derived demonstrating that these goals do not result from operational daily business but from the vision set out in the mission statement.

Jakob Hefele
Partner Key Account Manager Ingenics AG

The AL-KO Therm dialogue picture was completely developed in only three months with an interdisciplinary team. It serves as the basis for communication along the value chain and beyond that to customers and suppliers. It visually supports what was previously only text-based and thus offers orientation to all members of the organization.

Carsten Stuck
Managing Director AL-KO Therm

Working with visions and strategies requires common pictures. We want to reach the point where the entire organization is working on the same goals. With the dialogue picture we can guarantee the fact that all staff and all managers have the same concepts and are in synch. Our corporate mission statement is perfectly represented and serves as an excellent basis for productive discussions.



Our employees understand their responsibilities as they relate to handling their tasks, identifying themselves with the company’s goals, identifying where improvements can be made and actively looking for solutions. For this they are supported by senior management. Satisfaction is achieved by reaching our goals. Our success is appreciated.

The „WIN-WIN“ Bridge

All employees know their jobs and targets (the product is being pulled over the win-win bridge by a team working together) and working in teams, side by side with their colleagues. Market representatives and trade partners are actively included in the communication process.


Through our energy-optimized, innovative products we improve the condition of air to such an extent that we actively contribute to a feeling of well-being. Our products meet the highest efficiency standards for air purification applications for industrial use. Quality is absolutely guaranteed when it comes to fulfilling our clients’ needs.

Employee development

We invest in the development of our employees.