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The core competences of the tool manufacturer LMT Fette lie in the production of hobs for gear wheels and rolling heads for thread production. This makes LMT Fette one of the world's leading manufacturers of precision milling tools, hobs, taps, formers and cutters as well as thread rolling systems.

The management of LMT Fette Tools has developed the new Strategy 2020 together with a strategy team. The sustainable communication of the strategy and the enthusiasm for the new core messages are an important concern of the management.

For this reason, the company decided to develop a dialog picture! In a one-day workshop with 21 employees of LMT Fette Tools from the areas of production, design, controlling, complaint and works council and the team of DIALOGBILD an individual dialog picture was developed. In this way, the employees had the opportunity to get involved in the development process of the image and thus become the ambassadors of the new strategy.



The background creates a strong identification with the company, as the logo of LMT Fette Tools forms the stage for the scenes. The logo is framed by a path that leads from the rocky past towards a successful future and transforms into a motorway. The route and the highway are provided with a timeline that refers to important company milestones. Last but not least, the Schwarzenbek location and the Elbphilharmonie also express the strong regional relevance of the company.

In the sense of the "Dialogue" a long-term exchange is to be given over the new strategic measures. After the internal presentation of the dialog picture, the employees were able to ask questions about the new strategy and exchange information about the messages of the individual scenes as part of a "marketplace". A handbook is also intended to help employees deal with the strategy and constantly question the new messages.

Courage for new ideas

The company is already looking back on successful product developments. With the help of a development roadmap and the courage of the employees and executives, the empty showcases will be filled with new developments and technologies in the future.

Future trends

The scene shows that the company always keeps an eye on future trends. Thus, the strategy can be reviewed regularly and adjusted if necessary. In this regard, social, political and industrial developments are observed and evaluated.

Idea board

Here, the active exchange of employees on the idea board is shown. Employees should continue to actively contribute ideas in all areas and present suggestions for improvement. These help to develop the products and processes as well as to solve problems and avoid them in the future.

Celebrate success

The corporate culture is characterized by respect and trust, so that it works together on a cross-divisional basis and communicates at eye level. Mastered challenges are celebrated together, because every little step takes the company a little further towards the goal.