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Once again, DIALOGBILD was able to design an interactive dialog picture for Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Training and Training Management, for worldwide training purposes. Previously, a dialog picture was developed in 2011 to train the flight crew. Due to the successful application, an interactive dialog picture has now been designed for the Department of Soil. For this purpose, DIALOGBILD developed humorous scenes along the entire service chain, stimulating reflection during the training sessions. From self-check-in to first-class service in the first-class area - Lufthansa AG takes the perception of your guests very seriously and tries to highlight itself in automated processes through individual service.

The dialog picture shows that the experience of the guest on the ground is influenced, among other things, by the Lufthansa employees. It is therefore important that Lufthansa AG offers its guests a special service throughout the flight experience. A highlight in this picture is not only the exemplary scenario view on the ground, but also the different service scope of the individual transport classes. This dialog picture offers the employees a change of perspective and reflects possible perceptions from the point of view of the guests in a variety of ways.

Ursula Schulze
Group Leader Leadership, Service, Brand in Training and Training Management at Lufthansa Passage

“In our dialog picture we work in a charming way with overdrawings and thereby hit the nail on the head. This triggers emotion among the employees and helps them to come to a solution-oriented dialog. In the different scenes, participants go into self-reflection, which is essentially our goal. They feel well, but not accused, by the way they are portrayed. The dialog picture offers a change of perspective to view the entire process at the airport from the customer's point of view or to work on individual sequences in a much focused manner. Dania Buchal from Dialogbild advised and understood us very well. This common understanding has led to an effective end result. Thanks a lot for this.”


Check-in as a mechanical process

The use of a robot makes it clear that here the individual customer and his needs are not in the foreground, but strictly the check-in procedure is adhered to. Individual customer care is the basis for first-class service.

Employees with blinkers

The employee is obviously so distracted by his hunger that he overlooks passengers' questions. Although the employee is perhaps even on his break, the passenger perceives him as a Lufthansa employee in this situation.

Lost & Found

The mother loses her stroller. As a passenger, the emphasis is on end-to-end service, before, during and after the flight. It is part of Lufthansa's general service attitude to provide solution-oriented assistance even in such situations.

First class

Passengers enjoy all the advantages of First Class.