Vertbaudet is a French commercial enterprise headquartered in Tourcoing. Aside from its central offers in childrens’ clothing, the enterprise offers maternity wear, baby products, toys and products for kids’ rooms through mail order. Vertbaudet has been running their own stores in France since 1996.

To communicate the company values and guidelines to their employee, Vertbaudet Germany decided to utilize a dialog picture. Further, topics such as golden circle, leadership principles and value matrix were to be integrated. At the same time the picture was to be illustrated in a magical way and, as a provider for baby/childrens’ clothing and equipment, express playfulness. As an analogy for the slogan “c’est magique” the customer chose the world of circuses.

Anne Schick
Director E-Commerce
Vertbaudet Deutschland GmbH
“The collaboration with DIALOGBILD was extraordinarily professional and pleasant. After a short briefing, it was clear that our needs were understood and that we found ourselves in competent hands. We had thoroughly dealt with values and guidelines within the company and it was a challenge to summarize the valuable output in a concise way, while at the same time communicating it to our colleagues through a fun storytelling.
We had already decided on the magical world of circus as an analogy for our company-map. DIALOGBILD collected first ideas from us, expanded them through various creative approaches and within shortest time created a scenery, which combined all the important elements in a coherent and magical whole. Now we can communicate our messages in a way that suits us and which remains in one’s memory. Many thanks for the uncomplicated, cooperative and, of course, creative collaboration.”

Individual scenes and their meaning

I am a team player.
We strengthen and trust each other.

The golden rule:
We treat everyone like we want to be treated ourselves.

Decisions are made where the highest competency is found.

I am solution-oriented.

I think in terms of Vertbaudet. We face assignments with a customer oriented and positive attitude.

We are agile and walk innovative paths in order to prosper.