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DuMont came to DIALOGBILD with the intention of making the new strategy program comprehensible and establishing the new umbrella brand. An image film was created, which tells everyone how the DuMont media group is positioning itself in the era of cutting-edge digital upheavals. At the center of the film is an artist who captured the vision of DuMont as a digitally focused media group on a screen. A task for DIALOGBILD!

The first meeting was held at the DuMont Headquarters in Cologne, Germany, in order to work out a basic picture idea within a workshop. It soon became clear that the "ubiquitous information", the "i", had to be the focus. In the following days, the sketches were developed in close cooperation with DuMont, until a coherent overall picture had been created, which depicted the strategy in a sympathetic and visually appealing way. A novelty for DIALOGBILD: The artist in the film was played by the illustrator of the project itself!

Cornelia Seinsche
Deputy Head of Corporate Communication DuMont Media Group

"How do we summarize our company in a three-to-four-minute film, what characterizes us, what suits us? One year after the start of our strategy program "Perspective Growth" and the introduction of the new umbrella brand DuMont Mediengruppe, our image film was on the agenda. The central element of the film is the artist in whose head the DuMont media group is created by clear drawings and symbols, accompanied by film sequences and projections showing our brands, service companies and our self-image.

After the first discussion with DIALOGBILD in Hamburg about this project, it was quickly clear: We are doing this together! It was an experiment with a great result for both parties. In a joint one-day workshop and subsequent hour-long Skype conferences, we developed the dialog picture "We Are DuMont".
It was not always easy, we did not always agree and discussed a lot, but the result completely convinces us. But we have not only developed the central work of art together, the illustrator of DIALOGBILD also plays the artist in our film. In a shooting in a Cologne gallery that lasted several days, the scenes produced at all DuMont locations were projected onto different surfaces and parts of the picture were drawn.

For this, the picture was pre-printed on screens in three versions - half finished, 75 percent finished and final. The illustrator of DIALOGBILD was involved in our experiment, he was in front of the camera for the first time and did a great job.

You can find the image film of the DuMont media group here: www.dumont.de
The dialog picture will also be used for various topics relating to personnel development.