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Essity works with more than 48,000 employees to adapt its own brands to the demands and developments of the zeitgeist while maintaining its own high quality standards. The variance of the product range in the Health and Medical Solutions segment extends across five brands, which are based on the common focus on pleasant applications and successful therapies for patients and users.

One of these brands is Leukoplast, which has stood for wound dressings of the highest quality for over 120 years. The Leukoplast brand range offers products for acute wound care, including wound dressings, roll plasters and surgical dressing material. Whether parents, caring relatives or even medical staff, the portfolio of Leukoplast offers the right solution in every area: cleaning, absorption of liquids, a stable and secure hold, but also the care of wounds with very sensitive skin.

Brigitte Misch
Global Product Manager Pharmacy

"The start of a new project is always characterized by the enthusiasm and simultaneous challenge brought about by previously unknown subject areas. This is exactly what we encountered when we launched our first project with sustainable materials and sustainable product design "Leukoplast eco". We were faced with a complex entity that we not only wanted to understand together, but also to design. To do this, it was necessary to reach the internal marketing and sales channels of all country subsidiaries with a suitable medium. Before we decided to work with DIALOGBILD, we gathered ideas and requirements that the medium should fulfill. First of all, it should be able to trigger enthusiasm for the new topic. It is important to us to work through the topic in a playful way, so that everyone can first develop a feeling as well as an intrinsic interest for the "Leukoplast eco" line. It should also express the invitation to deal with the new project structure at one's own pace, so that each individual has the opportunity to integrate into the new project structure in the best possible way.

Taking into account our wishes, we initiated the creation process with DIALOGBILD, which proved to be extremely professional, structured and creative. The collaboration was always characterized by an inspiring exchange, and at the same time the timeline discussed in advance was reliably adhered to. The final product not only impressed us graphically, but was also very well received by all ranks due to its simple handling and refreshing approach.
approach were very well received. With our dialog image, we succeeded in directing the internal launch of "Leukoplast eco" in a new and equally accessible-participative way for everyone, which is why we can recommend DIALOGBILD without reservation."


Our customers are interested in sustainable and responsible living, which is reflected in their daily choices.

Close cooperation with our customers and market research evaluations drive our developments and quality.

We work together in a cross-functional team that combines strengths from all areas.

With the help of our global supplier network, we can select the best possible raw materials that meet our quality standards of sustainability and naturalness.

Commitment to protecting the environment through sustainable product design

The new Leukoplast eco is a disposable plaster made of at least 90% renewable raw materials such as bamboo fiber, while meeting the usual quality and functional standards. The illustrations for the plasters for "Leukoplast eco kids" were designed by DIALOGBILD with the aim of translating the theme of sustainability into an overall visual composition that embodies the principles of the new product line in terms of both color and motif: Sustainability meets proven quality. The "Leukoplast eco kids" design variant is intended to appeal in particular to the younger target group and, despite sustainable production, does not forego a lively design.

With the topic of sustainability, the Leukoplast brand is doing its own pioneering work, which means dealing with new contexts and successfully communicating these very topics within the company.

In order to have an experienced and professional partner on board to support the communication of new and very complex topics and messages and to offer the own team the possibility to learn the current elements and contexts in a playful and self-didactic way at their own pace, Essity once again turned to DIALOGBILD.