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Time and again, the German Children's Association (Deutscher Kinderverein e.V.) is concerned with making the issue of child protection audible and visible. Shaking up, informing, bringing unpleasant facts into the public eye: education is one measure of many to finally bring about effective countermeasures in politics and society. The new dialog picture addresses one of the most topical issues of our time: Cyberbullying.

There are around half a million victims of bullying at German schools. The consequences are dramatic: Every school day becomes hell, photos, videos and comments can no longer be deleted from the Internet, victims suffer to the point of suicide incidents. In close cooperation with the lawyer Gesa Stückmann, the DIALOGBILD agency has once again voluntarily taken on the graphic design, and an accompanying Internet presence is also planned.

"Children should discover the digital world with curiosity and learn to take care of themselves and others," is the concern of Gesa Stückmann, who offers webinars on the topic for students and teachers. The dialog picture lists various facts and criminal consequences as well as practical tips on how victims and their parents should react.
 The dialog picture focuses on the perpetrator, who acts anonymously and without having to look his victims in the face. The numerous facets of cyberbullying from the dissemination of personal information and photos, creation of fake profiles on social media to insults, name-calling, defamation and coercion are explained.
"With this dialogue picture, we want to support the webinars and furthermore make them available to all schools. Bullying is not the fault of a school, but it speaks on the contrary for the school, if you face the issue offensively. This is the attitude we would like to see throughout Germany," says Rainer Rettinger.


Right to one's own image

If others share pictures of you without your permission, this is punishable by law. This includes creating, sending, and sharing stickers of classmates.


Anton puts pressure on Anna to send a nude picture. This is called coercion and is punishable by law.


A student creates a fake profile of a classmate and posts it publicly. Forbidden! The victim can demand compensation for pain and suffering and attorney's fees from the perpetrator.

Photo montage (meme)

A teacher is secretly photographed in class and the photo of the face is put on a nude photo.