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Christine Bourson
People & Organisational Development Group Human Resources

„The goal of our project was to communicate our development dialog and to generate extra awareness through the explanatory film. The intention was that our employees understand what the development dialog is and what the specific advantages are. The film shows this in a simplified way, easily comprehensible for everyone. The humorous storytelling promotes the topic’s general acceptance. We received great feedback from our employees and therefore, we are convinced that we achieved an important milestone in embedding the development dialog as well as an attitude for development at Baloise.“

An open exchange between manager and coworkers not only promotes careers but also the development of personal skills. Therefore, Baloise created a communication tool to encourage this dialog. In context of the „development dialog“ the leading managers and coworkers reflect on the current job situation as well as the strong points and the opportunities for development.

Subsequently, they defined the next career steps for each coworker and derived specific measures to make sure that those goals can be achieved through a precise action plan. Together with DIALOGBILD, a film was created that not only shows the method but also the background and advantages of the development dialog.