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ADVOCARD is a specialist insurer for legal protection and provides comprehensive all-round protection. That means, whether for the private or commercial area, the all-round protection considerably helps to improve the personal opportunities for success in a legal dispute.

In the search for visual communication for this comprehensive service portfolio, ADVOCARD turned to a dialog picture and initiated a creative workshop in order to convey the all-round protection into images. As a basis for all scenes, ADVOCARD chose its own brand symbol, the insurance card.


From private legal protection through to commercial legal protection to the law firm, the scenes cover the performance diversity of the all-round protection. A highlight of the dialog picture is that individual characters appear again in different scenes. This was deliberately done to make it clear that the customer is protected in a variety of situations, whether at home, in a traffic accident or in the workplace. Due to the dominant ADVOCARD green and the partly comic scene presentation, ADVOCARD has created a lively dialog picture and during the joint workshop the participants were happy to work on the picture.

Verena Freyer
Marketing Director ADVOCARD Rechtsschutzversicherung AG

“Legal protection is a complex issue. The performance spectrum is great, the examples are numerous and the details are not always easy to understand. We wanted to show at a glance what our intermediaries need to know about legal protection and ADVOCARD."

Michael Schiebel
Sales Director ADVOCARD Rechtsschutzversicherung AG

"We are now going on a journey together through our dialog picture, discovering connections and, on the way, gathering good arguments for future consultations."

Individual scenes and their meaning

The older neighbor complains about the children’s loud music. A mediator provided by ADVOCARD tries to negotiate between the upset neighbors. In contrast to a legal dispute, this reduces the stress of all participants, saves time and offers good prospects for success.

Whether a wife caught her husband at dinner with another and so put her foot down on the gas too much, or, distracted by the children, she overlooked the red light: she is insured by ADVOCARD traffic protection.

ADVOCARD provides the right solutions for customers and distributors around the clock: whether free legal advice via telephone, mediation or precautionary legal advice. ADVOCARD provides legal advice or supports the sales team in all matters.

ADVOCARD's senior executives support the sales team on the spot. They provide specialist knowledge and selling points in trainings, company visits and support them in the sales process. Top lawyers or other partners enrich their appointments with their practical examples and demonstrate the benefits of legal protection.

The Workshop