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For the appealing and vivid presentation of its online services, Volksbank Neckartal commissioned several illustrations from DIALOGBILD which were published in the customer magazine "digiTaler"

Sabine Schietinger
Head of Corporate Communications Volksbank Neckartal

"For many years, we have been informing our members and customers with our customer magazine "NeckarTaler" about current issues and offers of the bank. For the presentation of our online services, we wanted to travel new paths with the design. First the special edition received a new format (not like the usual DIN A4, but in the size of a tablet) and second, we wanted to stand out in the presentation of the "NeckarTaler". It was also important for us to appeal to a younger target group through a young, "upbeat" appearance. That's why we chose DIALOGBILD.

Thanks to the outstanding and very meaningful scenic realization of our topics, only short texts were needed. Although we had initially decided only for black and white illustrations with color highlights, we were convinced by a colored sample image, as it represented our services much more vivid and lively. The cooperation with the DIALOGBILD team was perfect. Meanwhile, the "digiTaler" was distributed in an edition of 45,000 copies to all households in our business area and published as an e-paper edition on our homepage. For the new design, we have received a lot of positive feedback."

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