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With its 220 employees, the BVR is at the forefront of the cooperative banking industry in Germany and represents the interests of its members, in the context of the cooperative set of values. The focus is not only on advising and promoting the cooperative credit unions but also on actively shaping the banking of the future, which involves monitoring trends and working on strategy, culminating in new strategic goals. For example, the BVR observed the current takeover mechanisms of the beigtechs and the old infrastructures that are stifling processes, which stimulated the impetus for innovation ideas. The bank should integrate itself into the customer lifeworlds shaped by change and establish new functions of mediation and support.

With sustainable construction financing and the realization of projects in the health and care sector, BVR aims to establish itself as a new pioneer in the dynamically evolving customer world and offer both near-bank and non-bank solutions.

With its strategy agenda in mind, BVR turned to Dialogbild to work together on a visualization that would be able to illustrate the interdependent unity of the strategies for all cooperative members and create a multidimensional overview. The dialog image is intended to show how a collaborative ecosystem and efficient operating and collaboration models are interlinked and lead to BVR's overarching visions.


Tim-E. Janssen
Senior Consultant Sales Strategy

"We are excited about the opportunity to have our new strategic agenda presented in this way. The challenge was to translate the complexity of the agenda with its different timeframes and thrusts into a picture, which was very successful. The dialog picture is not only a varied introduction for our members, who can deal with the new topics independently, but also a product that does justice to our mission statement: Future-oriented design of cooperative banking with the omnipresent claim to keep our members in focus and to support them holistically. The visualization made the project content tangible for us on a much deeper level! All in all, the collaboration was very pragmatic and oriented to our own schedule, while both the consultants and the illustrators were very open to our suggestions. We were always able to actively participate!"


Bank is not barren

The banker goes out in the morning and helps customers with all their needs, such as help after a nursing service.Across the bridge, some are already crossing with determination, others are skeptical and still need to be convinced.


The bridge

Across the bridge, some are already crossing with determination, others are skeptical and still need to be convinced.

Additional services

The employee offers customers many different additional services. The banks own, but also those of the partner companies.

Strategy Deck

The whole group comes together and develops strategies for future-relevant topics.