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With 31 production and assembly plants in 15 countries, the BMW Group is today one of the world's leading premium car manufacturers. The BMW Group is responding to the current age of electric mobility with clear and forward-looking visions of electric cars that are already thinking about the possibilities of tomorrow. The processes along the way are complex and require coordinated and targeted development steps.


The battery as a parameter for technical performance and e-mobile potential is constantly in focus. With DIALOGBILD, the BMW Group is designing a new navigator image to depict the "e-drive development" process chain, which is intended to accompany new employees during the onboarding phase.

Markus Zymmara
Systems Engineering Development High-Voltage Storage

"The processes in our e-drive development are complex and strongly intertwined, which is why we were looking for a suitable way to immerse our new employees in the topic. The past Navigator projects with DIALOGBILD have proven to be so successful that we wanted to continue the collaboration. Now we have a final product that not only clearly depicts the development phases, but also conveys our basic message at the same time: Collective-focused work that produces complex, high-quality products."



Quality management

The quality manager keeps track of all phases and ensures smart task management.

Allocation and planning of electric storage

The allocation and planning of the electric accumulators in the functions: Cold resistance, robustness and charging capacity.

Cold and heat storage

The resistance of the electric motors is tested in the cold and heat stores.

Memory setup

Particular caution is exercised in the storage structure, as there is contact with sources of danger here. Anyone working here is equipped with a safety hook and, in extreme cases, pulled back by a colleague.