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The PENNY discount store, which belongs to the Cologne-based REWE Group, is one of the leading discounters in Europe with a turnover of around twelve billion euros. In Germany, approximately 28,000 employees work in 2,180 stores. With innovative concepts, PENNY offers its customers a tangible added value in terms of freshness and price.

As part of a freshness offensive, the employees' experience of freshness for customers is to be placed even more in the focus of their actions in the future. Part of this project is to use online training to convey the most important contents of the daily work in the fruit and vegetable department in order to ensure a 100% fresh experience in the PENNY stores.

The e-learning developed by DIALOGBILD consists of a mix of audio and video elements as well as a series of interactions and quizzes. The central pivotal point is always the dialog picture. This shows an exemplary PENNY store from a bird's eye view, in which the fruit and vegetable department is shown. Within the department, scenes showthe employees performing important tasks. The dialog picture itself can therefore also be used as an independent medium to keep an eye on daily routines.

For the e-learning, the dialog picture was divided into several videoclips, in which relevant situations in the fruit and vegetable departmentare addressed depending on the training chapter. The knowledge to be imparted here is reproduced by a speaker. After the videos follows the knowledge test, among other things in the form of drag & drop elements and simple multiple choice tasks. Each interaction is based on elements from the dialog picture, so that there is always a reference to the fruit and vegetable department shown.

Since the e-learning is aimed at both store employees and store managers, two training variants were developed: a basic training course, which is limited to the basics, and a more in-depth training course for store managers, in which extended specifications on the subject of freshness in the fruit and vegetable department are taught. The e-learning is used in all PENNY stores throughout Germany and runs cross-platform on various end devices.

Martina Weinhold
Expert Learning/ HR national (H HPK) PENNY Markt GmbH

"We are very pleased to be able to offer our colleagues in the PENNY stores an online training course realised by DIALOGBILD, which presents important connections and processes related to our fresh produce offensive in an appealing and activating way. We find the combination of differently prepared learning content in the form of pictures, video and various interaction elements very entertaining and amusing, but at the same time instructive. That's why we consider online training to be an absolute added value in order to convey important contents in a learning-friendly way for us as a company".

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