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In September, the HR SWISS CONGRESS was held in Berne, which is a branch meeting for HR managers from all over Switzerland and provides participants with a high-caliber platform for the transfer of expertise and networking. The latest issues and challenges as well as creative business models and perspectives are presented in a user-oriented manner.

DIALOGBILD accompanied the event with an extensive graphic recording. In doing so, not only general topics of the trade fairs were visually implemented but also the inspiring contributions and experience reports, e.g. by Bertrand Piccard, who circumnavigated the world using only solar power, or the IBM trend researcher Moshe Rappoport, who reported on "Digital Economy - Innovative Ways in HR".

During the lectures, the participants were able to witness the emergence of the visual protocol and, at the end of the first conference, recall the contents once again on the basis of the pictures. Also the award of the HR SWISS AWARDS on the later evening was thus immortalized in a charming way. The results were finally combined into an overall picture, which can now be used by organizers and visitors as a basis for reflections, for the further communication of the contents and simply as a nice reminder of two exciting days.

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