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"PLUSCARD is a service provider in the area of cards for savings banks and banks. Over 470 employees at three locations in Saarland are responsible for more than 6 million cards in the portfolio. Since the card business has been growing organically for many years, the questions about additional services from PLUSCARD are also growing. Furthermore, more and more transactions have to be processed and numerous legal regulations from the banking industry have to be implemented. As a result, there is an increasing need for new employees from various commercial and IT professions. For PLUSCARD, the image "Attractive Employer" is already the second implementation with DIALOGBILD. The aim is to show and explain the advantages that PLUSCARD offers as an employer in a new, exciting way. We use the full-size dialog image on our application days. In addition, we use smaller formats at trade fairs and gladly provide the picture as a postcard.

The collaboration with DIALOGBILD was impeccable. We had a largepool of ideas that we wanted to implement. Our own agency WIE AMSCHNÜRCHEN, together with DIALOGBILD, has worked out the corresponding focal points for the consolidation of the brand attributes, so that we have only selected and refined the ideas that are right for us in personnel development. The roll-out was exemplary for PLUSCARD as an employer. The picture was initially exhibited internally and could only be seen for the employees. Our favorite question was: Do you recognize yourself or a colleague in the picture? We received the funniest answers and really "discovered" a lot of colleagues on the dialog picture. A great fun for everyone in the end. So word quickly got around what there is to see. "

Janina Finkler
Personnel Developer at PLUSCARD

"We are very happy that we are away from the boring presentation slides to the employer benefits. The dialog picture on employer attractiveness shows PLUSCARD as a modern, multifaceted employer with a wide range of added value for employees. With us, there is always something new to discover - both on the dialog screen and in real working life with a credit card processor."

Money tree

One of the best descriptions for the demanding work at PLUSCARD is the money tree. The employees trustfully take care of the money of strangers.

Cheerful chef

The employees are already ready with their plates. Because the in-house canteen provides everyone with delicious dishes. That's where you're standing in line, and not just on the "Schnitzeltag".

Small gifts

As is well known, small gifts receive the friendship. With a symbolic belly shop, small gifts are distributed to the employees. For example, on health days in the context of company health management.

Puking cat

She has got nothing to do with it, but she's just funny. The cat has already appeared in the first dialog picture of PLUSCARD and of course had to play a supporting role again.