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For more than 150 years, the family-owned company Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has successfully delivered top performance across a broad range of services - freight forwarding services by rail, truck, air and sea freight are complemented by CEP services, contract logistics and industry and IT solutions. What began with the transport of goods by horse and cart has evolved over the decades with technical innovations into state-of-the-art solutions.

To enable Hellmann Worldwide Logistics to meet the challenges of tomorrow, interdisciplinary work is already underway today on new visions.

In order to position the company for sustainable success in times of constant change, a new corporate culture was defined, including a vision, mission and values. This globally valid culture, which connects all 14,000 employees, was to be conveyed in the dialog image and at the same time provided with a basic clarity.

Şükran Gencay
Global Head of Leadership & Culture, Corporate Development

"When our work with DIALOGBILD began, we filtered out together what content was a priority for us. From this large mass of topics, we developed a dialog picture with creative scene design, smart links and an aesthetic in which we can very much see ourselves as a company. Now we're looking forward to the application premiere of our dialog image!"


Entrepreneurship and a hands-on culture
Intergenerational knowledge transfer
Open & transparent communication