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The Lufthansa Group initiated an interactive dialog picture in order to respond more intensively to the different customer groups in training courses. This dialog picture is used internationally, for example at airports, to strengthen service orientation. One advantage of the dialog picture media is the internationally understandable picture language. In the digital version, videos, text and graphics can also be embedded so that further information can be conveyed in addition to the image. These functions are perfect for putting service employees in the guests' perspective and thus reflecting and anchoring specific topics.

The basis for the interactive dialog picture here is the development of a classic dialogue picture, which was then provided with click points and programmed into an interactive version.

A detailed briefing on the individual picture contents took place at the start of the project. The Lufthansa Group project team explained the strategy and together we developed initial ideas for implementation.
On the basis of the results from the kick-off meeting and extensive information material, we then created the dialog picture. In order to anchor the content even more deeply, we programmed an interactive version in which the Lufthansa Group provided real films as well as animated videos and graphics in the form of individual click points.

This interactive medium is used internationally by the Network Airlines of the Lufthansa Group (Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines and SWISS).

Ursula Schulze
Head of Training - People, Process & Performance

"The cooperation between DIALOGBILD and Lufthansa was perceived by the project team as very constructive, professional and target-oriented. The creative cooperation was a lot of fun and ideas were implemented in an uncomplicated way.

The picture has already been in use for almost a year and is regarded as particularly helpful by the target group, the employees in customer contact. It is used as a whole picture for training purposes or individual scenes are discussed in briefings. The presentation and the interactive elements attract a lot of attention and encouragement from our service staff. "


"MAKE IT MAGIC" button
The "MAKE IT MAGIC" button serves the trainer to visually "reward" special service ideas of the employees with a simple click within the training courses.
Shoes of the customers
In this scene, viewers slip into the shoes of Lufthansa Group customers. It becomes clear what they understand by service. Different expectations and demands come to light.
Service- und Teamculture
“There is no Customer Experience without Employee Experience!“ – This scene expresses the connection between customer service and teamwork. 5 essential team values form the backbone of a healthy service and team culture.
The 5 pillars of the strategy
In the control tower, the 5 pillars of the strategy are visualised in the form of individual monitors and control levers. Lufthansa Group employees are given an overview of the strategy topics and their significance for the individual steps of the entire travel chain.