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The project
In the middle of 2015 a german retail company, was in the development of new management principles. A central finding of the discussion is that the topic of leadership is quickly becoming abstract and difficult to grasp – it’s about time to find that method, a method that puts the question of leadership quickly and easily into an intelligible form: The Dialog Picture Light. The advantage: the development of the picture gave, on the one hand, the necessary clarity of content; on the other hand, a communication tool was developed which was successfully used to implement the management principles in the organization.

The development of the Dialog Picture Light
In order to formulate the new management principles, the management team members held a conclave meeting. During intensive discussions, the individual topics were discussed and adopted to be translated simultaneously by an illustrator in image metaphors. At the end of the day, many thousands of spoken words were visualized in a clear sketch, which was optimized by the illustrator over the following days.