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AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG is a modern agricultural trading company in the segments of agricultural products, animal nutrition, crop production and agricultural technology. It also acts in the areas of energy and Raiffeisen markets. With over 6,300 employees, the AGRAVIS Group generates a turnover of 6.4 billion euros and is a leading company in the industry with more than 400 locations, predominantly in Germany. International activities exist through subsidiaries and affiliated companies in more than 20 countries and export activities in more than 100 countries worldwide.

In order to make the entire company fit for the way into the future, the AGRAVIS Board of Management initiated a process in 2020 in which current challenges and future requirements are addressed in a positive, profitable and dialogue-oriented manner. The aim is to sensitize managers and employees thematically and on the basis of an evolving corporate culture in order to shape the change process together. It was and still is important to involve all employees as much as possible in the development of the guiding principles for a continued successful future. For this reason, AGRAVIS decided to use the dialogue picture as a supportive tool in order to reach all employees and to invite them to a dialogue about the future of AGRAVIS.



The target image “AGRAVIS 2030” was initially developed as the basis for the dialogue picture. This written vision was the basis for discussing the messages, values ​​and future focus topics in numerous workshops with different members, which were then reflected step by step in the dialogue picture. The change in the company could already be initiated through this process.

The rollout on the employee level and thus the discussion of the topics of the dialogue picture is carried out by the managers. They discuss the scenes of the dialogue picture with their employees and derive what the messages mean in concrete terms for their own department or society. The dialog picture is a tool that is particularly suitable for the decentralized structures of AGRAVIS, as each company can work with the tool independently. For this purpose, the managers were provided with supporting materials and the guidelines that match the dialogue picture.

The progress on the way to "AGRAVIS 2030" is continuously checked and compared with the goals that we have set yourself. The dialogue picture is a helpful means to always have a visual anchor point for the different topics and to quickly give new employees an orientation in the future topics.

Melanie Komossa
Head of Recruiting & Employer Brand

The vision of the future outloines here, looks ahead from today's perspective. It is intended to give managers and employees orientation, to illustrate the goals and the strategic direction. In addition, it also contains cultural elements that are necessary to achieve the vision. In other words: Are we at AGRAVIS ready for this future, do we have the right mindset and a corporate culture that is ready to change? In order to discuss these important questions, we have chosen the instrument dialogue picture and are enthusiastic about how it is accepted in the organization. The topics and ideas of the employees are often even more profound than we suspected at the beginning. Now it is up to us as a company to continue this successful start and implement it. We will continue to use the dialog image as an anchor for this.



Speed ​​through efficiency

By constantly reviewing and improving processes and cross-departmental communication, we are getting betterat handing over the baton to our colleagues.

Innovative ideas for customer loyalty

Innovations are presented to colleagues so that they can develop ideas on how the Innovation can best reach customers. It's not just about the way, but about the successful business model for customers and AGRAVIS.


Finding the best solution across departments

We work together and across departments to find the best solution for our customers. With clear responsibility, the offer is generated from the experience of the individual business areas and the broad knowledge that AGRAVIS has at its disposal.

Create the "+1" for customers at eye level

AGRAVIS is characterized by its special closeness to the customer. We are proud of that. The customers place their trust in us because they always receive the "+1" for advice / support from AGRAVIS. We always meet our customers on an equal footing. This relationship creates a win-win situation for both sides.

Speed ​​through efficiency

By constantly reviewing and improving processes and cross-departmental communication, we are getting betterat handing over the baton to our colleagues.