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Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG is a market leader in Germany and employs over 7,400 people. Norbert Heckmann, Chairman of the Board of Management, on Würth's strategy: "We network sales channels. We solve technical challenges and meet each customer's individual needs. And we know that only constant further development, makes a company attractive for its customers." The company has evolved from a screw shop into the world's leading specialist for fastening and assembly materials and tools, with more than 125,000 different products. The goal: to make work easier for customers through individual services, practical system solutions and a broad product range. Würth works with more than 650,000 customers from the trades, construction and industry in Germany.

The works council at Würth is currently renegotiating the company agreements between the employees and the management. The works agreements regulate rights and obligations between the employer and the works council and formulate binding standards for employees of the company. Particularly in the logistics sector, where a wide variety of nationalities work together, there is a need for clear and transparent communication that can be understood by everyone concerned. Since this is a series of communications and not a one-off piece of information, a good structure with recognition value is necessary.

The communication of the company agreements is translated into an easy-to-grasp visual language with the help of illustrations. The core messages of the images include the most important innovations for employees and lighten up the written agreements. The subject of the illustrations includes "overtime" and the resulting "Saturday work". In terms of content, the aim here is to illustrate what needs to be taken into account when scheduling employees and how the regulations are structured on the employer and employee sides in the event of cancellations at short notice. The central element here is two recurring main characters who wear the typical Würth work clothes and thus create a recognition value.

Aleksandra Melke
Picking department manager

"DIALOGBILD immediately understood where the focus needed to be for our communication of the company agreement to the workforce and implemented it superbly in the illustrations. In the pictures, our employees recognize themselves and their working environment and see at a glance the benefits that the new agreements will bring them."