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Panel sizing technology Holzbronn is part of the HOMAG Group and has developed into the world market leaders in panel sizing technology within just 50 years.

More than 420 employees work on the further development of saws and plant technology in order to always be able to offer the entire furniture industry a wide range of products and individual solutions.

Due to many years of experience in the industry and the ever-changing order situation, HOMAG was faced with a new, challenging task: Is there a way to ensure continuous processing quality in all orders? Even with different materials, different saws and several machine operators with different levels of expertise? Could the work processes be simplified and made more efficient at the same time?


Following intensive testing and development processes, HOMAG presents a product that has never existed before: the materialManager Advanced software assistance system. A system that sets the optimum machine parameters for cutting, depending on the selected material, the saw blade used and the required cutting quality. Users benefit from error-free and efficient processes, simplified operation and extended tool life.


Daniel Loddenkemper
Senior Manager Product Marketing

"The dialog film developed by DIALOGBILD uses both visual and audio elements to introduce the materialManager Advanced. The minimalist drawing style used supports the clear storytelling, which paints a fictional yet ordinary scenario: Two characters in the furniture manufacturing industry encounter the challenges of their everyday work, whereupon they are introduced to materialManager Advanced. At this point, the entire process, from installation of the program to practical application, is played out in an entertaining and pointed manner.

The customers as well as internal staff are able to understand the product and its benefits through the dialog film and are introduced to the world of the new digital support at the same time. The use case shown also enables customers to identify with the characters, so that they can already recognize during the viewing whether similar work resistances exist and materialManager Advanced could be considered as a solution."

HOMAG – materialManager Advanced