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Since the invention of the steam engine, customers only ask for a solution if a malfunction has already occurred in their engine. As technology progressed, repair and service intervals were continuously adjusted and improved. The latest development is the networking of machines and data exchange via the Internet - also known as Industry 4.0. Based on Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, SmartConnected Solutions GmbH with SCS offers you intelligent innovations for your business! SCS enables you to detect machine failures before they occur and supports you and your customers with an optimized service and sales process. SCS helps you achieve higher customer satisfaction and profitability for both you and your customers.

Smart Connected Solutions GmbH, based in Karlsruhe, has decided to have a dialog film produced in order to bring this objective closer to its customers in an understandable way. This should be completed within 6 weeks, as it should already be used for a trade fair appearance. In addition, the film was not allowed to last longer than 1,5 minutes - not much time to explain a complex topic.

Thomas Grabetz
Senior Key Account Manager – Smart Connected Solutions GmbH

After several providers were contacted, the choice fell very quickly on DIALOGBILD. This was mainly because we had the impression that the employees of DIALOGBILD understood our task immediately and responded reliably and quickly to our enquiries both in the tendering process and in the project implementation. As a company that is itself active in software development and services, we attach great importance to professional project management. The DIALOGBILD team has completely convinced us in this respect. In this context it should also be mentioned that, due to the local distance, all communication took place by telephone and e-mail. Smaller change requests were excellently and quickly implemented by the illustrator. Even when our project team did not agree on a scene - shortly before the target completion date - the project management kept a cool head and provided a solution that satisfied everyone involved. The quality of the drawings and the simple structure of the film have been highly appreciated by both our customers and our employees. We are pleased that we have found a competent partner for this project, can only warmly recommend DIALOGBILD and will gladly cooperate with DIALOGBILD again.