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Roche Diagnostics, the world leader in in-vitro diagnostics, has commissioned DIALOGBILD to develop a dialog film as part of the introduction of a new IT strategy. The dialog film serves for process optimization in the DOM area. The aim of the new strategy is to streamline measures and achieve goals more effectively.

Diagnostics Operations Mannheim, or "DOM" for short, ensures worldwide care for patients, laboratories and hospitals with diagnostic reagents and test strips.

To this end, DOM, the largest division with 1,800 employees within Global Diagnostics Operations at its two German sites in Mannheim and Penzberg, produces a wide variety of products for in-vitro diagnostics.

The purpose of the film is to bring the added value of the new IT strategy to employees at DOM and increase their willingness to work according to this strategy. The storyboard was developed jointly by DOM and DIALOGBILD within a one-day workshop.

Meliha Berber
Manager Communications & Events

„Digitalization, big data, paperless production, digital transformation – these and many other buzz words not only occupy us, but the whole world.

With the scribble video developed for Roche Diagnostics Operations (DOM) for our Diagnostics Operations IT strategy, we have succeeded in describing the vision of the future for the Mannheim and Penzberg locations. It essentially serves as an orientation and support for the long-term digital transformation process. With Dialogbild we quickly developed a great concept and implemented it. We look forward to further visualizations and good cooperation. Many thanks to the whole team.“