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Toyota′s slogan for 2013 is “New Products, New Customers, New Toyota.” In order to ensure that all Toyota dealers were on the same page, we developed a communication package consisting of one dialogue picture and 2 dialogue films. At the sales conference in December 2012 the strategy for 2013 was explained using a dialogue picture. With the help of the dialogue film, a visualization of the inspection of the Toyota Hybrid was provided. Toyota has begun the new year with a common understanding of its products, its new customer target groups as well as its new goals.

The Toyota salesperson is in the focus of the pictorial world. You can find any services: the car service station, the direct acceptance and the customer service. On the yard you can see the new products that are presented to the respective target group. An important element is the street, which leads from the past to the future, passes the sales conference 2012 and the salespersons building to the subordinate target in 2020.

Marcus van Marwick
Head of Trade Marketing & BTL Communications TOYOTA DEUTSCHLAND GMBH

“We approached Dialogbild proactively with a clear conception in mind. Our aim was to obtain a useful and relevant look at the entire year. The employment of humorous visuals helps simplify and illustrate complex themes for a range of target groups at the automobile manufacturer (from managing directors and departmental leaders to trainees) in order to reach a common understanding. Although we were at first rather critical of the coordination process, we were positively surprised and the time taken internally was reduced through the professionalism and the quick comprehension by Dialogbild of our needs. Also, we were quite impressed by the sharpness of detail conveying the thematic message in the pictures. The final result was appreciated by all and the intended information was well-received.”



The salespersons get support from the headquarters in order to simplify the paths to customers. Awards, advertisement, advertising subsides and financial support help simplifying the path.

The new Auris

Product presentations at the salesperson are meant to be an experience for the customer. Middle-aged persons, that are still felling adventurous, are the target group of the Auris. It will be also possible to get with hybrid features.


Salespersons can get a TOYOTA Service-Coaching, in order to be able to give better advice to the customer. TOYOTA has build up a coaching center only for that reason in Cologne.

Target group

The commitment to one target group for a special car helps the car vendor later in consulting the customer. At TOYOTA every target group gets a matching car, regardless of whether it is a young married couple of a key service.