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A350 Plant Hamburg
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Hamburg is home to one of the largest Airbus plants in Europe. In addition to the production of other aircraft types, the structure and equipment assembly of the A350 passenger aircraft takes place in Hamburg-Finkenwerder.

In order to develop a common mission statement for the employees in the production of the A350, the department relied on the creation of a dialog picture. The dialog picture captures both the daily routines and the outstanding processes and technologies of production in the present and future.


The ideas and suggestions of the workers from production and the indirect areas, which were requested in advance in various formats, were incorporated to a large extent into the dialog picture. In preparation for the subsequent half-day dialog picture development workshop at the Airbus plant in Finkenwerder, a picture world sketch was drawn up in which the workers' ideas were then implemented. During the workshop, the Dialogbild team also had the opportunity to get a direct impression of production. Thanks to the good preparation, the efficient workshop and the excellent input from the colleagues at Airbus, it was possible to ensure a lean dialog picture implementation.

The dialog picture is now being distributed to employees via various communication channels, both online and offline. As an additional handout, a guide was produced that explains the scenes of the dialog image in more detail.


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