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Böllhoff is a family business in fourth generation. The company was founded in 1877. They are now one of the world′s leading manufacturers and suppliers of fasteners and processing systems. The long-term success is achieved by highly qualified employees, innovative products and customer-focused services. The core principles of the “Optimized Böllhoff System” (OBS) shall always be available for the employees of Böllhoff and shall influence their daily actions. In order to completely understand these principles, various methods and tools were developed which are used to train and qualify the employees of Böllhoff. The dialogue picture light visualises the relations between OBS core principles at a glance and enables transparency for the employees.

The dialogue picture illustrates the “4 OBS-principles” through to proper illustrations and the use of only a few words:

1. Customer satisfaction

2. Elimination of waste

3. Identification of value stream

4. Employees as a motor for continuous improvement

The objective of the corporate OBS is to give the employees of Böllhoff an understanding of the benefits and functionality of the Optimized Böllhoff System and to anchor it in the company on a long-term basis. In order to support the international roll-out, the dialogue picture was created in 4 additional languages. After all it will be shown and used on all international locations.

Neil Borg
Head of Corporate OBS/ Lean Management Böllhoff

"If a value creation system is to have a motivating and controlling influence on the development of the company, each employee should always have the big picture in mind and recognize the benefits for themselves and the organization. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that our OBS system can be communicated as easily and intelligibly as possible worldwide. This can be reached by the dialogue picture."


The mission statement dice

The starting point of the dialogue picture are the cubes, representing the guiding principles. The OBS-principle customer satisfaction arises from these cubes. The corporate strategy is derived from the guiding principles and is summarised by the words “Passion for successful joining”.

The visualized value stream

The visualised value stream illustrates many of the OBS-tools in use. For example, a machine is equipped with a standardised setup cart (Stop & Go).

Continuous improvement

The goals are derived from the corporate strategy, which can be found on the different shopfloor management boards. The OBS charts and the shopfloor management boards are used to promote continuous improvement and to eliminate waste.

Further education

The further education of the employees is crucial as they represent the engine of continuous improvement. The areas of improvement are visualised by the “black balls” in the dialogue picture. The shopfloor boards as well as the OBS charts pick up these areas of improvement.