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Staufen is an international Lean Management consultancy with a focus on process and leadership optimization according to Lean principles. We help our clients to quickly initiate the right changes and to anchor a sustainable culture of change in their company. We interviewed our contact Pia Liebetanz about the graphic recording:

How many employees does the company have?
June: In DE 231, International 122: Worldwide 353

What is special about your company?
Our particular strength is in actively supporting our customers on site. We believe that you learn through your own experiences and actions - and not through hours of beamer presentations. Our consultants aren't watching, they're helping. We do not orientate ourselves on anything or anyone, but always on the best. In lighthouse projects we quickly achieve measurable top results. The employees of our customers experience that the changes work and are now much more open to them in all areas. Sure, it's not easy to change the status quo. Nevertheless, we believe that it is fun to develop a company further. The bottom line is that such changes do not cost time and money, but bring time and money.
Our goal is not to relieve our customers of all the work. On the contrary, we are working on making ourselves superfluous. In our academy we enable managers to independently establish a sustainable culture of change. Because process excellence needs leadership excellence. After all, changes do not come about through reading aloud, but through living by. Man makes all the difference. In this way, the client company becomes lean, smart and constantly changing. The productivity of the customer organization and its operating results are clearly developing positively. In short: the customer company has become an even better one. It's not just good for them, it's good for us. It makes us happy to make others more successful. An excellent result motivates us to give our best every day. Because nothing gives us as much satisfaction as the success of our customers. We are sure that everything is possible with the right approach.

Our approach:

How did you decide to use a Graphic Recording?
We wanted to enrich our annual congress "BestPractice Day" with smart/digital solutions. In the last years we had an analogue graphic recording, which took up a lot of space on stage and couldn't be marketed afterwards (only placed in the photo documentation). At the LERNTEC I came across your dialog picture, then I got in touch with you and had the opportunity for digital graphic recording.

Are there, or have there been, big changes?
Yes, we can now use the picture for marketing in the aftermath and have a nice, concise summary of the whole day. I have already briefly mentioned the disadvantages upstairs. Mostly the summaries have been per lecture so far, i. e. no overview of everything. The guests were enthusiastic about the presentation, it was already a highlight at the congress, because I could watch how the picture grows. . .

Where has the Graphic Recording result been shown?
As a summary of the congress internally at corporate events and as a review of social media.

Any feedback yet?
There was still very positive feedback on the day itself, I think that was also noticeable at the stand.



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Pia Liebetanz
Junior Project Manager Events
What are the advantages of visual communication?
Content messages can be conveyed briefly and concisely, which leads to deeper mental processing: I see the picture as a reminder. Moreover, the depiction through facial features, etc. was aesthetic and emotional, which almost tells a story. Which is also better processed than pure text.

How did you perceive the cooperation with DIALOGBILD?
Positive throughout with mutual interest (where can we ideally complement each other). The interpersonal fit was right from the start (LERNTEC/preparation/voting for congress).

Was there a key experience during the development of the picture?
For me, the development of the picture throughout the day was simply exciting to see how many topics and knowledge we have already heard during the congress. It was a bit like a status, when the day is over, even the picture is complete.

What was the objective of the Graphic Recording?
A short, appealing summary of the congress day, which can be used afterwards for marketing purposes.

Which target group does the medium have?
Members of the Executive Board and management, plant and plant managers, decision-makers from industry and commerce as well as lean connoisseurs and experts.

Do you have a favorite scene?
The drawings of the people with their emotions are simply excellent. Real real and authentic. I always have to smile when I look at the picture.

Can you recommend DIALOGBILD?