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Volksbank Mittelhessen eG is one of the biggest registered co-operatives in Germany. It is the market leader in the region, a major economic factor as well as an attractive and reliable employer. Due to regulations, policies and digitalization the banking industry faces enormous pressure to change. As being the third biggest Volksbank, Volksbank Mittelhessen meets these challenges and demonstrates its willingness to change. Strategy 2023 combines the banks own strengths with future chances and opens the path into the future.

To ensure a successful strategy it is important to involve the company′s employees in the change process. The strategy has to be transparent and simple which can be communicated easily in order to be understandable for all employees. The decision-makers of Volksbank Mittelhessen have been aware of this, so they chose DIALOGBILD to create the visual communication tool for their strategy 2023. In close cooperation with the project team of Volksbank Mittelhessen, DIALOGBILD was able to get an insight into their strategic orientation. The briefing and written information about the strategy helped to create an ideal basis in order to carve out central messages and topics which are used for the creative process.

The metaphor of the dialog picture represents the visual world which is structured into different areas. In the center there is the logo of Volksbank Mittelhessen as a central platform for customer consulting and customer care. The vision, corporate values and 160 years of history are attached to the platform. Additionally, digitalization can be found on the platform which stands out clearly throughout the visual world.

During a workshop where all stakeholders of the project participated, scenes were developed from the core messages of the strategy. Within a day the messages were visualized on the visual world. Moreover, the characters received special clothes and attributes. A futuristic coloration and a transparent matrix highlighted the digitalization.

The roll out of the dialog picture took place by the executive board of Volksbank Mittelhessen who introduced 1,300 employees to the strategy by explaining core messages understandable and tangible by means of the dialog picture. To ensure and to maintain the valuable knowledge not only a comprehensive strategy book will be created but also an interactive dialog picture. This version of the dialog picture can be found in the intranet of Volksbank Mittelhessen which contains information and interactive game elements.

Peter Rausch
Division Manager Human Resource Management

„We can describe the successful future of Volksbank Mittelhessen by making use of our strategy. Our aim is not only to master changes in the next few years but also to shape them. As being deeply rooted in our region and being the market leader of financial services we want to inspire people. To do so we need our employee’s commitment and willingness to change. At this point DIALOGBILD comes into play. We contacted DIALOGBILD in order to develop an emotional communication vehicle to give our managers and employees the right direction. From the beginning the team of DIALOGBILD convinced with professional consulting as well as with creative implementation.

Due to the convincing development of an excellent visual world, we were able to find metaphors and drawings for all relevant topics during a successful scene workshop which we implemented in the picture. We were excited to see the final result and were impressed how vivid our topics were represented by the scenes. Within 100 workshop rounds we could inform our employees about the strategy, raise awareness and inspire them for the future."



Customer-oriented multichannel-bank

The vision of Volksbank Mittelhessen “Inspiring people: personal-digital-close” can be found especially in the area of customer care and consulting. Customers are able to reach the consultants of Volksbank Mittelhessen through a wide variety of channels and find their professional contact person.

The brand Volksbank

The brand „Volksbank Mittelhessen” has a strong brand identity. Not only customers perceive Volksbank Mittelhessen as positive but also employees can rely on it. It is an attractive and fair employer. As shown above employees greet their colleagues with joy who walked the path of change already and are committed to their employer.


Drag & Drop: Elements for the module Drag & Drop are tailor-made for the dialog picture. Picture elements are integrated into different levels. Thus, the play module becomes dynamic and also convinces on the graphic level.

Puzzle: The puzzle function enables the user to understand a certain image section better in a playful way. The puzzle should be completed within a previously defined period of time.

Lückentext: An existing text is designed in such a way that certain text blocks are missing. The user has to find out these text blocks from a pool of blocks and has to put them in the right place. After successful completion the correct text will appear.

Multiple Choice: E-Learning also offers the module multiple choice. Here, amongst a wide variety of possible answers the user has to find out and select the right answers. In case the first try did not work out, the user can try it a second time.