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The Business Card One is a creditcard of the Sparkasse, which aim at middle class and lower. Pluscard uses the dialogue picture to train the Sparkasse-consultants to acknowledge the special services of the Business Card One in order to raise sales. It illustrates how the Business Card One should be communicated to the customer on the basis of the model Sparkasse. Outside the institute we get to know the diverse world of the credit card: Customer groups, added values as well as the applicaion possibilities and advantages for business and corporate customers.

The Pluscard logo serves as the basic symbol of the illustrated landscape. So the dialogue picture can be separated into three areas: Pluscard as “backoffice“, the Sparkasse-branch as point of sale and the customer world.

Nadine Alles Berberich
Marketing & PR

“For us the dialogue picture is a real asset – and not only because of the really convincing endresult. The development of the specific lines of argument and contents within our teams was the perfect trigger for reflecting over our own processes and structures in the highly complex credit card business. I keep myself busy with the subject of storytelling in business-to-business-communication and I have to say: Regarding this the dialogue picture is a gift.“


Initial situation

Private clients and business clients are on their way to the branch. Every client is equipped with an activation lever on his back. The lever rests at the red position if the client does not yet own a credit card or does not know the offer.

Customer Selection

The branch offers various credit card products to the customer, which are tailored to the individual needs of the target audiences. The lever of the customers that were already scanned and made aware of the offer at the entrance rests at the yellow position.

Sales Argumentation

The consultant explains the various advantages of the private credit card to the customer. The credit card is a good tool for customer retention and enables the marketing of the private gold credit card.

Acceptance Locations

With rental car companies the credit card is essential. Especially with larger sums the extended date of payment of the credit card is an advantage, because it assures the liquidity of the company in a simple way.