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KiK means "Kunde ist König" (engl. "customer is king") and is the guiding principle of the company, which since its foundation in 1994 has now successfully established itself with around 3,500 branches in eleven European countries. As one of the top ten companies in the textile discount sector, KiK is a real heavy weight in the German retail trade. More than 26,000 employees contribute to the annual branch growth of approximately 200 shops and the economic success of KiK. The long-term goal is to operate 5,000 stores in Europe with a modern design.

Standardized processes in the branches and firmly established principles are indispensable in this context. Standards promote an overall culture of continuous improvement and reduce business risks: Those who work according to standards always perform the same activities in the same way. This reduces variation and leads to an increase in productivity, performance and efficiency while maintaining the same high quality. In order to establish and implement the most important processes and principles, KiK has opted for a dialog picture. The dialog picture provides store employees with orientation for the most important work processes in daily business.

The basis of the dialog picture is a neutral KiK branch. Inside and outside this branch all the themes were arranged, which can be explored in the form of a visual tour. A legend below the image with descriptions provides quick and intuitive access to the content. The combination of text and scenes ensures a uniform understanding and the employees can explore the dialog picture independently. To ensure that every employee can identify with the image and the overall theme, particular importance was attached to ensuring that employees recognise their own working environment. DIALOGBILD has therefore made itself an overview on site. Together with the KiK project team, a branch in Hamburg was explored and extensive photographic material was collected. Based on this, a detailed illustration of the branch was created. The work processes and principles to be observed were outlined live in a workshop together with DIALOGBILD and then elaborated.

The dialog picture is now being used as internal training material and rolled out throughout Europe in the respective national languages. For this purpose, the dialog picture for all stores was printed in large format and made available to the store managers. The branch managers have already been collected on the topics and contents and are now entering into an intensive dialog with their employees.

Sebastian Bader
General Sales Manager Germany

"For a uniform & goal-oriented workflow, we would like to offer our colleagues in the branches a visual representation to make it easier for new employees to learn. But we would also like to inspire our long-standing colleagues with something new and thus refresh their priorities on the floor".


Customer is king

KiK's clientele includes people of all ages. In order to bind customers in the long term, friendliness and helpfulness are the top priorities.

Additional sales

At the checkout, customers are offered supplementary products as additional sales. And finally, the customers are bid a friendly farewell.

Clearance of goods

New goods must be moved to the designated goods carriers within 48 hours.